Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tree 1 Shoulder 0

Five weeks ago I was lifting a tree into my cart at Costco, loaded it into my truck, and then unloaded it at home. Yesterday I threw in the towel and went to see the doc about my aching shoulder. Today was day 1 of physical therapy. I didn't understand half the names of the muscles that were identified, but I did understand that I did a fine job of messing my shoulder up and will need to go to physical therapy for 8 weeks.

Now I need to get back on my bike. I'm supposed to be doing the LiveStrong Ride in Austin, TX in October. Tomorrow I am allowed to ride for 20 minutes and am praying that it goes well. In the meantime, I need find some sort of exercise that will build my endurance and help me get in shape for the ride. Now if I can find an acceptable form of exercise that I can do while knitting....

Wish me well.


Michelle said...


The random number generator selected you for the winner of my HP design and a skein of kitchen cotton.. please email me your address :-)

Thanks, Michelle (

My Alterknit Identity said...

ride the recumbent bike at the gym - i should know - i have knitted while riding it! That way you train your legs, rest your shoulder AND knit!! Woo Hoo